Check out the most popular skin-hydrating trends

skin-hydrating trends

Since influencers and social media have been everywhere, they’ve been providing some recommendations on hydration methods that work for them and promoting their followers to do the same. It’s simple to witness the alleged results and determine that these trends work. Yet, people need to understand that skin types differ, not all products that are effective to their skin will have the same results on your end. With a lot of products available in the market nowadays, skin-conscious people distinguish fake tips from dermatologically-tested approaches that hydrate. This is where new york skin solutions review some of the well-known trends.

People need to know that 70% of the body is produced of water, the same as other organs, your skin must have enough water to perform appropriately. Once the skin functions properly, it stops toxins, provides awareness of the environment, and controls temperature. It’s also a crucial barricade against bacteria and mycotoxins that is encountered daily. Having dry skin can develop intervals in the dermis, which lets bacteria and toxins enter effortlessly.

new york skin solutions review

Be familiar with some of the hydrating trends

  • Slugging
  • Slugging is known as the process of smearing petroleum jelly on your face as the last step in your skincare routine at night. Slugging can help keep the moisture from other products that have been used and also get rid of the water loss from the skin. People who have dry lips and skin may benefit from the slugging approach. It’s always ideal to check first with the skincare expert consultant whether your skin is appropriate for this and how to enhance it.
  • Moisture Sandwiching
  • It is broadly believed to have derived from Korea as a skincare trend, the process of layering products is moisture sandwiching on damp skin to lessen trans epidermal water loss and maintain water. This hydration method is ideal for those with a dehydrated external layer of skin. For this method, users must choose moisturizers and serums that are perfect for their skin, as it can lead to breakouts. You may consider checking at New York Skin Solutions if you’re unsure which products benefit your skin and to be familiar with the best skincare needs for every customer.
  • Hydrating Face Mask
  • A hydrating face mask is an excellent solution for dry skin, these masks drive deeper and closer to the skin. It lets your pores surge up more product. Well-known options like sheet masks can have immediate effects.