How Much Calorie The Body Consumes Daily?

The ideal daily calorie intake changes based on different factors:

  • Age
  • Metabolism
  • Levels of physical activity

Hence, the recommended intake of calories daily is 2000 for women and 2,500 for men.

What are these calories?

Calories are the measure of energy food and drink contain, and you can monitor how much you consume it daily using the calorie tracker singapore. Calorie is the short-term use for kilocalorie. So, when you see kcalorie on a food label, it means calorie. KJ (Kilojoules) are the equivalent of kcalories in the International System of Units and you will see both kL and kcal on the nutritional labels.

4.2kJ is equal to around 1 kcal.

Understanding how calories you need

The energy you need depends on several factors:

  • Age. The growing children and teenagers need more calories.
  • Lifestyle. How active are you?
  • Size. The weight and height affect how quickly you use energy.

Some other factors may also affect how much energy you burn, such as:

  • Being unwell
  • Some hormones. It is the chemicals produced in the body, such as the thyroid hormones.
  • Some medicines. Glucocorticoids are a type of steroid used for inflammation treatment.

Maintain healthy weight

Obese is the most common problem of overweight people. They find it hard to reduce weight, especially since they have a bad habit of eating in no time. They have no limits on food intake, without considering the nutritional facts they can get from it. As long as it fills an empty stomach.

However, some obese people can’t control their eating habits and continually gain weight. So, maintaining a healthy weight is a challenge to them. Using the calorie tracker singapore daily can be of great help to them manage their daily intake of calories. Also, it helps them be aware of the particular foods that can trigger their cravings, which are culprits of weight gain.

Finally, a calorie tracker app is developed to help overweight and underweight people. So, it is not only useful for people who have been gaining weight but also for underweight people. They can easily track the calories they consume daily to help them be aware if they have the chance to gain weight in a week or month.

The calorie tracker app is downloadable and can be compatible with your Android and iOS devices. Ensure that you get the right app so that you will be given the precise amount of calories you are taking daily.